Sugar and spice and everything nice

Today I appease your and my sweet tooth!

I love baking. There is something so cathartic about it to me. And even more, I love experimenting and discovering out of the box delicious creations. A couple of years ago for my best friend and husband’s birthday (Yep, they have the same birthday, which is both convenient and frustrating) I made the most delicious vegan chocolate cake. My bff is on her journey towards becoming 100% vegan and I didn’t want a birthday cake to derail her (something I have been wobbling back and forth with myself lately). And it was so stupid good that it was a treat for all of us!

I also made a wedding cake for one of my husband’s colleagues! Ta Da…

No its not perfect, and yes I had to make additional sheet cakes because there were over 200 guests, but for a novice I felt really good about it! (Which totally made up for the agony of actually making the thing!) What I enjoy most is creating unique flavor combinations, so the sheet cakes allowed me to do that. It was definitely not typical wedding cake. Chocolate cake with almond creme filling. Lemon cake with raspberry filling. Honey cake with blueberry filling. White cake with tangerine marscapone mousse and with passionfruit curd. All topped with real swiss buttercream. YUM!

So anyway, yeah, I like to bake. I’ve made these scones so many times. I’ve used a bunch of different jams and flavors and they always come out great.

In the winter I use dried rosemary (less than recipe calls for since dried packs more of a punch) because that’s usually all that’s around. And per usual with recipe glazes I always make less than suggested, and they are still covered in sugary goodness. These are seriously good and easy to do. I only have a 2 cup food processor! So if I can do it in itty bitty batches, you for sure can! These are certainly not the healthiest thing ever, but trust me when I say the extra mile running will be totally worth it!


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