A true love story

I am so sick of those love stories on every single wedding website that are an exaggerated version of:

*He saw her.

She saw him.

They fell in love.

They are getting married.*

When did telling a story turn into such a project? It’s not cute, it’s annoying. You learned in 2nd grade to write sentences that contain more than subject, verb, and object. You learned to form paragraphs. Maybe I’m just jaded because Cory’s and my story would be ridiculous and could never accomodate this format. Let me try and see what you think.

*Tragically, a girl was brutally murdered.

He attended her funeral.

She attended her funeral.

Their mothers semi knew each other and struck up a conversation.

They did not speak as it was a funeral and everyone was sad.

Their mothers do not abide by laws of social decency and decided to give her email address to him and try to set them up….AT A FUNERAL.

He emailed her.

She emailed back.

They went on a date to see a horrible M. Night Shyamalan movie.

They “watched another movie” on the second date. WINK, WINK. (I still have only seen the first 5 minutes of Mystic River)

Neither had ever had a serious relationship.

Both were unforgivingly clueless.

He said I love you really early in the relationship.

She said thank you.

They eloped 17 months later.

They told their families 6 months after that.*

Yeah, so not exactly a traditional love story. But it probably wouldn’t be our story at all if it was twee and predictable. You could definitely say we are an off the beaten path sort of couple. So I’ll take our weird story over any other every day and twice on Sunday. But for everyone else who does have perfectly manicured stories…..for the love of God, just tell them. We don’t need the whole production.

P.S. I am in no way making light of the heinous murder of a young woman. It rocked our town and was a tragedy in every sense of the word. Every time I go back to visit I stop by her grave and tell her how sorry I am and update her on our life and tell her how thankful I am to have met my husband. She will always be a part of our story.


One thought on “A true love story

  1. Couldn’t agree more! It’s no wonder people are so clueless in real relationships when everyone expects to make eyes across a crowded room or something romantic and perfect… Blah!

    I love yours and Cory’s story! It’s quirky and honest and proof that in real life love and relationships don’t fit into a formula.

    Side note, I think about Lizzie a lot. 8 years last week, I can’t believe it’s been so long. I still can’t really believe it happened at all.

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