How I: Styled my tv corner

I like a cozy home. Stark white and minimalism, while gorgeous, just doesn’t suit me. I love a place where anyone who walks in can just curl up on the couch and not think a thing about messing anything up. And white doesn’t tend to go well in a house with 6 living beings. Plus our house is small, so our nooks and crannies tend to be places full of memories, knick-knacks, and odds and ends. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want it put together nicely, however.

There were two things I knew were going on this wall as soon as we moved in. The t.v. and a lamp. T.V. because it’s the only place in the room to put it and a lamp because the room doesn’t have any built-in lighting so I knew I would need something on that side of the room to brighten things up.

So I started with the t.v. stand. It’s an old thing that we’ve had for a while, but perfectly fine so I saw no reason to throw it out and spend money on something else to serve the same function. The wicker bins are from Ikea and fit perfectly on the shelf to hold game controllers/cords/miscellany. I bought a super cheap lamp base from Target and immediately threw out the ugly white shade that came with it. With just the stand and the lamp there you could still see the outlets and cable inputs on that wall. To hide those I stuck a large framed picture my mother had given me behind the t.v. stand. The woods don’t match, but I’ve never thought things needed to match perfectly so I’m ok with it. Plus the picture is pretty, but not so important that I can’t cover a large portion of it up and not so distracting that it’ll bother you while you sit and zone out to the boob tube.

With those three pieces in place I set out to put the finishing touches on things. I found a lampshade at Goodwill that was so 60’s perfect. I also purchased the plates from Goodwill and and glazed them myself. I chose a color that tied in with the rest of our room (that color appears in the stain-glass windows on one of the walls) but also stands out against the wall. I just used the 3M wall sticky things to put them up on the wall because a) they are way cheaper than plate hooks, b) they are invisible, and c) I can remove them without any holes in the walls.

Because we have such limited storage space in the house some things that we use often have to also double as decorations or risk being hidden away in the basement and not touched. Such is the case with a few of my husband’s guitars. I bought this particular one for him when we were still just dating, so I thought it deserved a place of honor in our living room—plus it totally matches. I stuck it in front of the lamp and absolutely dig the layered look. All three elements are different heights and take up a different amount of space so I think the crowding of it all sort of works there.

Finally, I stuck a little picture album on the t.v. stand so that we always have some memories on hand to look at. Even if, at the moment, it is mostly empty. I found that blue ceramic thing at an antique store for like a buck and thought the pop of color would work just really well with the other very orangey-pink things going on in the corner. And yes, the plant in it is dead. Apparently I can kill a succulent, which like everyone tells you are nearly impossible to kill.

There you have it. a look into the strange, jumbled way I put things together. I think it’s maybe a little different than something you would see in every house, but also just sort of welcoming and that’s absolutely what I was going for.


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