Explore Colorado: The Gothic, St. Vrain River, and Mud Run

The last couple of weeks have included some great times in Colorado.

Two weeks ago my husband and I went to go see  comedy show at The Gothic Theatre. It is an amazing place. It was a movie theatre back in the 20’s and was actually the first theatre in Denver to show a talking movie. The art deco interior has been maintained and is absolutely gorgeous.

We went there to see Kristen Schaal, who you might know as the new page, Hazel, on 30 Rock or Louise on Bob’s Burgers. She is originally from Longmont, Colorado and I just think its super cool that she continues to come back and perform at local venues. All the comedians were just absolutely hilarious and we had a fantastic time. And as a side note, before the show we ate at The Copper Pot and holy mother of Mary it was fantastic. It’s not a healthy joint by any means, but if you are looking for the best of the best in terms of good old American comfort food (mac and cheese, please) you have got to try this place. And the prices are unheard of. Go. Now.

The weekend after the show we decided to go tubing down the St. Vrain river in Lyons. Yes, I know, we are in a huge drought and rivers are really low, but we had just had some heavy rains so we decided to give it a shot.

We parked at about the halfway point of where we wanted to tube and walked to the river head, tubed down past our car and then walked back. It was a blast! It was definitely a more relaxing sort of trip down the river with a few ass scrapes on the bottom along the way, but who cares. We still had a couple of fun drops and got to enjoy just floating down together. And even though it was July of the hottest year in like forever, it’s still snow melt water so it was COLD! My tush was numb by the end.

Finally, last weekend my husband, sister, and I ran the Survivor Mud Run up on the dirt bike track in Berthoud. It was a 3.5 mile run with 19 obstacles sprinkled throughout the course. I’m so glad we were in the first wave because it was a hot day. The mud pits were actually welcome relief.

We decided at the beginning to finish the race as a team so we stuck together, which worked for me because I totally prefer doing things like that with someone. We finished about half out of all the runners so I’m pleased with that. The fastest person did it in 23 minutes! That’s just outrageous to me, to be able to do it that fast with all the hills and obstacles on the course….wow.

Before we are all clean and ready to go:

After we are dirty, but Survivors:

So that’s my story of the last two weeks….what did you do in your area?


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