How I: Keep things neat and tidy

It’s true. I like my house to be clean at all times. Like 10 minutes away from being comfortable having the President in my house clean.

My husband calls it obsessive. But only when he has to help. When he doesn’t he just enjoys the fruits of my labor. Like when his friend calls at 10pm asking if he can spend the night because his connection in Denver was cancelled and by the time he arrives an entire guest suite complete with snacks has been set up for him.

I don’t have kids or a six figure income so I kinda figure it’s my way of giving back. Plus, I like that nobody who walks into my house would know we have 4 pets—aside from the fact that they will all bombard you the minute you walk through the door demanding attention. And I like that when people come to stay things are pristine—not that I need the same; give me a blanket, the floor, and some stale Cheez-its and I’m a happy houseguest. It’s just important to me.

But, and this is a big but, my secret is that I really don’t spend that much time cleaning. I just do it wisely. So here’s how I have a house that’s nearly always ready for company.

First, I do not do a giant clean every week. I keep things really easy on myself and divide the cleaning into what I term my chores. Every day I have a different chore to get done and keep track with Google Calendars. I roughly base it on this. For example, Tuesdays I clean the kitchen. I look through the fridge and make sure all the food is on the up and up, I wipe down every surface, and clean out the inside of appliances. I also do our clothes laundry (bedding and towels are another day). That’s it. That’s all the cleaning I do on Tuesday. Unless an animal pukes somewhere. I almost always clean that up immediately.

My house is pretty small so it’s really easy to break things up and do a small section of the house each day. And each day I know what I have to get done so things really aren’t daunting. On this schedule my entire house stays in tip-top shape without me feeling like I really did much. But let’s not tell my husband that. He does nice things for me because he thinks I work really hard to keep the house looking great.

Then, about once a month, I take a larger inventory of the cleanliness of our house. Have the baseboards been neglected? Do the blinds have a bit of dust? I’ll take about one weekend day a month and address some of these issues that don’t really come up in a weekly cleaning.

It’s honestly that easy. If I have a few empty minutes while I’m waiting for popcorn to pop or something I’ll do a couple of these. Other than that I stick to my chores and never fail to get compliments on my house when people come over.


2 thoughts on “How I: Keep things neat and tidy

  1. I need to start breaking up chores by day. Whenever I get home from work im always overwhelmed by the housework that needs to be done. Usually it ends with me falling asleep making lists of things to do.

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