Training away the crazy

So we have a new trainer coming to the house today.

Penny has just been out of control lately. That seems to be the cycle, she is bad, we hire a trainer. We work with her and things are great and it seems like maybe she is finally calming down. Some big upheaval in our life causes training to go by the wayside and she becomes worse than before.

Hopefully now that we are at a really pretty calm place in our lives and are getting a really good trainer things will start to change for the better. The trainer already asked if she could bring her assistant though, so like it’s obvious she thinks this is going to be a challenge.

Meanwhile, I’m running around the house like a lunatic baking and waxing the floors because I need this complete and total stranger to know that although I have a psycho dog, I am a good person who keeps her house clean and bakes treats for people she pays to come into her home.

I’m as nuts as my dog…



One thought on “Training away the crazy

  1. Like mother like daughter… no like pet-owner like pet… you get it šŸ™‚

    First of all, you are both a good person and a fabulous pet-owner. You maintain a lovely home and if you have any extra baked goodies, I could take care of them for you!

    Second, don’t think the worst and assume that she thinks it’s going to be a challenge. Maybe she wants to train her assistant to be able to do more for her. As an assistant I do A LOT of things and need to be trained basically to be able to do my boss’s job if he’s not available. People like to take their assistant’s along with them so they know what the hell they’re doing.

    Love you and your crazy dog!

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