Grandpa Craig

I know I promised you the conclusion to our poorly planned and executed juice fast, but a family tragedy occurred and even thinking about writing such a shallow post was just inappropriate as hell.

On Thursday, January 10, 2013 around 6 am M.S.T my paternal grandfather passed away. We are a large and close family, so this has just been extremely hard. I’m sort of in a daze. He is my first grandparent to go. I keep thinking about all the times I should have visited and called the last few months. About how I’m glad the last time I saw him before he was in the hospital I finally gave him a picture of my sisters and him that he had been asking after for nearly a year. About how I’m so disgustingly angry at myself that my Christmas card to him was late this year and that means he never saw it. Did he know anyway how truly and deeply I love him?

It’s so easy to take for granted that people will be around, that life is happy, and your world is full. It’s easy to not realize you should be doing more until it’s too late to actually do anything.

The last time I spoke to him I knew it would be the last, but still now I wish I would have said more. He didn’t acknowledge me, he couldn’t, but I hope beyond hope that he heard me.



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