Dutch Babies

Dutch Baby

Or German pancakes if you will. Basically they are a baked, dense yet fluffy, supremely good breakfast treat. I’ve made them before and loved the easy preparation and delicious end product. But the link to the recipe I used was buried in another website and I didn’t really remember where and I didn’t want to search for it so I Googled “Best Dutch Baby” hoping it would come up. It did not. However, this recipe did and the picture looked amazing so I decided to give it a go. I whipped up the batter last night (using just 3 eggs instead of 4…I really didn’t want my pancake to be too heavy or eggy) and had a go at it this morning. It was just ok. I didn’t love the pancake on it’s own the way I had previously. I had to drench it in sides to enjoy. It was just too dense and eggy, even with one less egg than the recipe called for. It didn’t crawl up the pan the way my past pancakes have.

So, I went and searched for the recipe I had used in the past and adored so that I could post it here and recommend it whole heartedly, instead of posting the other recipe and feeling meh about it. I think this is a perfect brunch recipe. Easy to make and you don’t have to babysit it, so while it’s in the oven you can easily prepare some eggs or whatever else and serve it all together nice and warm. I’ve included some recipes for my favorite Dutch Baby accompaniments. Eat and be merry.

Dutch Baby
very lightly adapted from Pilar Guzman

  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup spelt flour
  • grate of nutmeg
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp vanilla (I like it a lot so I put one, but if you aren’t as big a fan you can easily half it)
  • bit of coconut oil for pan coating
  • powdered sugar for dusting

Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees. Towards the end of pre-heating swirl the coconut oil in your pan (I’ve successfully used a 9 inch cast iron skillet and a 10 inch pyrex pie pan so go with what you have) and place it in the oven for 5 minutes to get nice and hot.

Beat the eggs, milk, sugar, and salt until well combined. You can also easily use a blender if you prefer, a la many crepe recipes. Once nice and uniform stir in the flour, nutmeg, and vanilla to form a smooth batter. At this point you can put  in the fridge for a few hours/overnight if you make it ahead of time, but you certainly don’t have to with this recipe to get a perfect pancake.

Remove your pan and pour in your pancake batter and return to the oven for about 20 minutes of bake time (check every minute or two from 17 on and remove when it’s to your level of doneness, I like a crispier cake, so I went about 22 minutes). If you know your oven is uneven you can turn the pan half-way through the cooking time.

Take out your pancake, dust with powdered sugar and serve immediately.

I like to serve my Dutch Babies alongside boiled apple cider (it’s like a syrup with a really concentrated apple flavor and not too much sweetness), homemade apple butter, and fried apples/pears.

Fried Apples

Boiled Apple Cider

  • For this recipe all you need is apple cider. And all you do is put it in a pot, get it up to a good boil for about 10 minutes, turn the heat down and let it simmer for a few hours, stirring occasionally until it has reduced considerably and is the consistency of a syrup

Homemade Apple Butter

  • All you do here is make your favorite crock-pot applesauce recipe (mine is a full pot of apples, 1/4 cup water, squeeze of lemon juice, 1/3 cup brown sugar, 2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp nutmeg, 1/2 tsp allspice cooked until chunky but applesauce-y) and keep cooking until it reduces by half, transfer to a blender and puree until smooth. I make a few huge pots of applesauce during apple season and freeze some, turn some into apple butter (which I also freeze), and of course eat a ton of it!

Fried Apples

  • Easy as can be. I cut up an apple and pear into small slices and put it in a hot pan with about a teaspoon coconut oil, tablespoon maple syrup, teaspoon cinnamon, and a grate or two of nutmeg. Cook it until there is a bit of a syrup coating the fruit and they are tender but still have a bit of bite.






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