Welcome to the Jungle

I live in Denver, Colorado. Sure, I’m on the west side of the city and it only takes me about 30 minutes to be in true wilderness, but I would never say I lived on the edge of the wild or anything. And yet, earlier this week as I was heading back to get the laundry from the dryer I looked into the backyard and spotted this.

Hawk killing a pigeon

In case you can’t see clearly, that is a hawk killing a pigeon. I didn’t see the actual attack, but the pigeon was still alive when I glanced outside so it couldn’t have been too long after. The hawk dispensed with his prey rather quickly, but it took him a bit of time and hopping around my yard with the carcass in his talons to finally get the perfect bit of strength to fly into our neighbor’s tree with it.

It was nuts. The perfect intersection of wild and tame. A bird of nature killing the iconic city bird.

Is this considered cannibalism? Or would a hawk have to eat another hawk for cannibalism to apply?

Regardless, it was a pretty outstanding and only made me cry a little (whereas seeing an alley cat kill a squirrel in my grape vines last year made me bawl ferociously). Plus, the dogs went wild smelling each and every lingering pigeon feather for a few days afterwards.

I love this damn city.

The aftermath



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