Closet confessions



So, this is what my closet looks like right now. It’s a total disaster.

I’ve needed to clean it out for a while and get rid of old things and I convinced myself that if I just stopped putting things away all pretty like that eventually it would get to the point that I would be forced to clean it out just so it wouldn’t explode across the bedroom.

As you can see it has exploded across the bedroom and yet remains in this state.

I mean, if I just look away for long enough the mess will disappear and I’ll have my closet back, right?


2 thoughts on “Closet confessions

    • Thanks. It’s totally one of those state-of-mind things; the thought of doing it is much worse than actually doing it! And totally unrelated, I popped over to your blog and noticed you come from Portland and are now in D.C. I’m visiting both cities this month…small world!

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