And we’re growing…


Cory and I like to have a little garden in the summer. We aren’t excellent at it, and every year we try at least one new plant that we can’t figure out how to keep alive (cantaloupe, I’m looking at you), but there is something nice and simple about growing your own food.

This year we decided to start a bunch of plants from seed to try something new and save a bit of money. We planted everything in a little multi-cell starter planter. Some old seeds, some new. We didn’t really look at germination times or when things would need to be planted outside. We just buried some seeds in some dirt on a wing and a prayer.

Within 2 days a bunch of plants had sprouted. Our broccoli was going nuts in less than a week and in about 10 days the zucchini was already huge and had to be planted into a separate planter, yet our spinach has stubbornly refused to surface. We have no idea what we are doing, but it sure is fun to watch!



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