Out East


Cory and I just got back from a long trip out East. I meant to hop in occasionally and relay some updates but ended up being too busy exploring and having the best time.

I fully intend to recap, but for now I just want to say a precious few words about the last stop on our trip: Boston.

We were there on Marathon Monday. We were staying just 3 blocks south of the blast site. We were supposed to be out being touristy and exploring the Boston Public Library and Copley Square but laziness overtook us and we put that off in favor of an afternoon nap. We woke up to sirens and helicopter blades and texts from loved ones frantic for news on our condition and a city reeling from the news of such a gruesome attack. But we woke up safe.

Any number of things could have been different and put us in a position of danger. We were just flat out lucky to have things turn out as they did.

That afternoon were able to walk the city and see the responders and guards and citizens come together and help. We saw strangers give one another rides when the transit systems were suspended. We saw Bostonians and out-of-towners alike deliver coffee and snacks to the men and women who stood for hours and hours to protect the scene. We witnessed a bruised and battered city unite.

Cory and I have been in two cities where unspeakable tragedies have occurred recently and more than anything I think it has showed us that while terrible, awful things happen, while some turn on their fellow man for unexplainable reasons; for the most part, people are good, people are helpers, and people love one another. It’s these people I think of when I need to answer the question, “Why?”


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