November 2, 2013


Dear me 36 hours ago,

Ok so I know you are in the middle of a club on your first night in Vegas but pay attention. Well actually first, don’t agree to dance with that guy. He seems nice but will grind up on Rachael and you’ll have to give her your engagement ring so he’ll back off.

Back to my point. You aren’t a gambler, so you will only bet modestly. For example when you get back to the hotel tonight you will put a dollar in a machine and will win 30 cents at which point you will cash out because you’re up.

But tomorrow, your time, not mine, you will go to the Cosmopolitan Casino and will double your money. I only bet $20, but you can change that. Go big, lady! Also, at the Wynn on Saturday morning, stop when you are ahead! Learn your lesson from the day before, stupid.

Ok, that is all for now, talk to you tomorrow.

Yourself in 36 hours.


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